Watching Smart TV

What is Smart TV?

Watching Smart TV

This year, our electronics stores have new TVs with Smart TV technology, which translates as “smart TV”. The difference between new TVs and conventional ones is that they are additionally designed to use all the possibilities of the Internet. Netfalls – Remy Musser, Moreover, the price of new TVs is practically the same as the cost of conventional high-quality TVs. Is there any point in acquiring such a new device if you already have a good panel and you are quite satisfied with it? Indeed, already now many television panels can be connected to a computer, and it seems to be the same thing? Well, in general, yes, but not really.

Smart TV is called “smart TV” for a reason. It actually turns the TV into a multifunctional entertainment unit, which, in addition to broadcasting TV programs, will access the Internet, including various Internet sites, services and social networks, as well as use video and television communications via Skype or another resource. “Smart TVs” got the opportunity to interact with smartphones, tablets and other peripherals. You can also watch TV channels online, which generally expands the range of viewing TV stations to the whole world. Then comes fantasy, which is hard to believe, but you have to believe: fundamentally new control panels, switching channels with the “power of thought”, powering the TV over the air without wires, etc.

In 2011, global electronics manufacturers – Philips, LG, Samsung , Sharp and others – signed an agreement to develop common standards and software for “smart TVs”.

You can point to five main features that distinguish “smart TV” from the usual:

  1. Internet. The connection is thought out, as well as the transition to YouTube, specialized sites and TV channels in the “online” mode. And soon there will be TVs with built-in hard drives and torrent clients.
  2. Playing music and videos. There are sockets for connecting USB (flash drives) and appropriate tools for playing their contents. So goodbye DVD players!
  3. Getting information. To do this, you need to press 1-2 keys on the new remote control, and the TV will tell you about the weather, news, send e-mail, etc.
  4. Social networks. Built-in “Odnoklassniki”, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, you can go to others.
  5. Games. Many permanent games are built in and a web store with free and paid games. These are the pies. You can also connect and use a variety of additional devices, including 3D glasses and home theater speakers.

What will change in our apartment with the appearance of a “smart TV”? Yes, almost everything! TV, computer, player – to the dustbin of history! They will all be replaced by a single entertainment center, especially if equipped with additional devices. Watch any movie, listen to music, find out the latest information about events in the world, chat with friends on social networks – please!

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