Watching Smart TV

TV Set-Top Boxes

TV Set-Top Boxes

Smart TV gives you access to a huge content for every taste: movies, music, news and more. Many people mistakenly believe that you need a modern TV to access smart TV. In fact, it will be enough to have a good and not necessarily expensive set-top box and an old TV.

A smart device will turn your “blue screen” into a multimedia center with powerful Smart TV functionality, and in some cases even into a full-fledged computer. This article will point out the main options for choosing a set-top box that will help you make the right choice.

How to choose a smart TV set-top box?

A smart set-top box is a mini-computer that connects to a TV. This device works thanks to the built-in Android operating system. You get access to your favorite movies, series, the ability to listen to music, download applications, and play games.

You can freely surf the Internet, chat on social networks and watch hundreds of TV channels online. How to buy a TV set-top box and not make a mistake? The market has a large selection of consoles that differ both in appearance and in internal content.

Operating system

Most modern set-top boxes run on the Android TV operating system of different versions. New models make it possible to watch in 4K resolution with voice control. It is better to choose devices running on the Android OS that have Google Play support or the built-in Google Chrome browser.

In favor of Android is the ability to synchronize with smartphones running on this platform. Linux-based Tizen OS has proven itself well: this system has a user-friendly interface and large internal memory. And if you want to work on good old Windows, then this option has advantages:

  • access to the Internet from a convenient browser;
  • use of office programs;
  • familiar Windows interface.


The work of Android creates user-friendly interfaces that do not take up much memory and at the same time have great functionality and capability.

Usually, the launcher for an Android set-top box comes standard, adapted to the operation of a specific device model. If for some reason it is uncomfortable, it can be replaced. The most popular launchers today are: ATV Launcher, Nova Launcher, Ugoos TV Launcher.


Current Smart TV set-top boxes support 4K UHD picture quality up to 1080p. But if you have an older TV, you may have trouble setting the resolution. Go to the Display mode menu and choose the resolution size that best suits your screen.

Support for memory cards and file formats

The determining factors when choosing a set-top box are: built-in RAM, the number of cores and the amount of flash memory. If you need a set-top box to play HD-quality video, then a 4-core set-top box with 1 GB of RAM will suit you.

Some set-top boxes allow you to read files from SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards. You can view the captured videos and photos or listen to music on the TV. The format of supported files depends on the set-top box model. Main video formats: DivX, wmv, mp4, wma, 4k, mkv. Many devices have support for viewing images: mvb, vob, mp, wmv, 4g, mp4, and others.

Depending on your needs and the parameters described above, you can purchase a set-top box for the required characteristics and price. Everything must be taken into account – from technical indicators to such trifles as the presence of connectors, dimensions and design.